Auto Transport – What Time?

When transporting your vehicle across country, you should be thinking how much time is needed to get it picked up, transported, and then to deliver. Generally speaking you need a three day window during the days of pickup and three day window during the days of delivery or drop off. That means during pickup and delivery you should give yourself three days of free time to meet and greet the driver. That way you can get a better idea of what kind of person this driver is. What if you meet this driver and he/she seems very flakey. At this way you can cancel the order at the last minute and quickly find some other driver to transport your vehicle. Now it is not highly recommended to cancel at the last minute, but at least you know your car won’t be in the hands of a bad auto transporter.

As for the three day window for the time of delivery. Well, many factors can lead to a later delivery of your vehicle.

1. Auto transporters don’t have all the cars they need lined up for pickup right away. It may take an extra day or two to find enough vehicles to fill up their trailer. If the trailers are now filled up with enough cars then the auto transporters won’t be making enough money and thus would not make the auto transport business viable.

2. These auto transporters are using semi-trucks and trailers that are at least 5 years old. To the average person that may not be too old. But think of it this way. An average mileage for an average passenger car gets 15,000 to 20,000 thousand miles a year. Depending on their route, semi-trucks gets an average of 50,000 to 60,000 thousand miles a year. And add 2 tons per car passenger car with a 5 to 10 car trailer. Well with a little math that is an extra 10 to 20 tons of extra weight a semi-truck has to lug around. And with all that extra weight and miles, these semi-trucks and trailers have to go though a lot of stress, thus breaking down after 1 year of use. And with each break down it takes from 1 hour to a whole week to repair. So next time a car carrier breaks down and your car ends up getting delivered late, don’t say its not your problem, because it is, since your car is on that trailer, and it costs a lot of money and it takes time to repair.

3. Another unexpected reason to delay and auto transport is bad weather. Extreme rain, snow and icy roads will slow down the semi-trucks if not stop them completely. So if a car gets delivered a day or two later than expected do not get angry at the drivers. They put their very lives on the line so that you don’t have to drive across country.

Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips When Learning To Ride

Top 10 Safety Tips…

1.) Assume Other Drivers Can Not See You: Ride assuming that you and your motorcycle are totally invisible to others. That means Don’t Ever assume that drivers can see you. Because the odds are, they can not, so remember that yourself and always have an “out” for dangerous situations. Motorcycle Safety depends on you.

2.) Maintaining A Safe Distance: Leave a lot of room in front, in back and to the sides from all other motorists. Isolate yourself and stay away from other vehicles as much as possible. By doing this, you will have more visibility and more time to react to bad situations!

3.) Always Anticipate Trouble: Anticipating trouble situations and knowing what to do when you see them. Pay close attention to what other vehicles are doing and try to predict the outcome. Then make sure know what to do and how to do it to avoid an accident. Always be ready!

4.) Beware of Oncoming Vehicles Turning Left: Beware of oncoming travelers turning left in front of you at intersections. This is the leading cause of death with motorcycle riders. I have personally lost many friends to this accident. If you only remember one tip here, let it be this one. Approach intersections with caution, slow down and have an escape route planned. Stay visible, keeping your safe distance. Position your bike so it can be seen by the left turner. Eye contact is not enough!

5.) Ride At Your Own Pace: Don’t try to keep up with your friends who may be more experienced, or like to travel at faster speeds! Know your personal limits. If you are not comfortable riding at a faster pace, then ride at a speed at which you do feel safe. Ride your own ride.

6.) Use Extreme Caution When Approaching Curves: Beware of taking curves that you can’t see around. A parked truck or a patch of sand may be awaiting you.

7.) Don’t Give In to Road Rage: Do not allow yourself to have road rage and try to “get even” with another rider or motorist. If you follow these tips, most likely you won’t fall victim to road rage. It’s better to calm down, slow down, and collect your thoughts first, pull off the road if you have to. Then continue on and enjoy the ride. That’s what we are all out there for in the first place.

8.) Don Not Allow Tailgating: If someone is tailgating you, either speed up to allow for more safe distance or pull over and let them pass. Life is too short. Remember that a motorcycle can stop faster than a vehicle so you don’t want a truck on your tail when you find yourself trying to slow down to avoid an accident. Also, don’t tailgate the vehicle in front of you. Oncoming drivers can not see you if you are to close to the car in front of you!

9.) Don’t Be Blinded By Sun Glare: Always have protective eye ware available. Beware of riding your motorcycle into sun glare. All it takes is turning a corner and finding the sun either directly in your face or passing straight through your windshield. Some helmets have shields to block the sun. Face shields help somewhat. But sometimes you just find yourself blinded by the light. Slow down, pull over, shield your eyes and look for a way to change direction.

10.) Avoid Riding At Night Time: Avoid riding at night, your chances of spotting an animal getting ready to run across the road are slim to none. Also avoid night trips, especially late Saturday night and early Sunday, when drunken drivers may be on the road. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t drink and ride. Going bar hopping? Leave the bike at home and find a designated driver.

What Am I Trying To Say About Motorcycle Safety?

The best way to be safe is to take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course to learn the basic ways to control your motorcycle and to learn how to recognize traffic situations that you need to be ready to handle.

Always wear protective clothing and a helmet. Always have your head light on to help other motorists see you, even during day time!

Maintain your bike so it is safe too. Keep records of the intervals when you replace tires, chains, clutch cables, batteries, brakes, etc. You don’t want an equipment malfunction to contribute to a motorcycle accident.

Practice riding under all kinds of traffic situations. Ride with a friend if at all possible. Avoid riding great distances alone.

Become a member of some motorcycle forums and read what other experienced riders have to say about how to ride safely.

I want you to become an aged motorcyclist because you know how to survive on a motorcycle. I don’t want to read about you in the newspaper or on a motorcycle forum or mailing list as yet another motorcycle statistic. Learn how to be safe and responsible on a motorcycle.

Ride Safe My Fellow Motorcycle Enthusiast.

Add Some French Country Style With Cabinet Hardware

Decorating themes are becoming more and more popular when it comes home remodeling and kitchen design. Interior design is an art form and many homeowners pride themselves in coming up with themes and creations that are unique to their home. Some themes include Asian inspired living rooms or Tuscan inspired wine cellars. Each theme has their own decorative element that gives of a certain feel and culture.

One theme that can be easily incorporated throughout the house is the French country theme. This particular type of style and theme is perfect when it comes to a kitchen remodel because of the rustic and antique feel it brings to any room. One way to incorporate this theme is by updating the kitchen countertops and the kitchen flooring. To get the rustic and old-world look you can go with brick or clay flooring. While brick may seem like an odd type of flooring, especially when it is installed inside in a kitchen, this particular flooring gives off the old-world feeling.

Another way to incorporate the French country theme is by the colors that you choose to paint the walls and accessorize the room. Bright yellows, cobalt blues and oceanic tones are the perfect way to accentuate a French country kitchen. By using these colors and incorporating golds and greens you can give a kitchen the perfect feel and touch to give off the French country feel. In addition to paint colors you can incorporate the theme by creating motifs on the walls. French country motifs typically incorporate roosters, olives, sunflowers and grapes. These particular design elements are perfect for the kitchen.

When you choose to go with the French country style that does not mean that you cannot incorporate other styles and themes in order to get the look that you are going for. This particular style likes to incorporate eccentric styles and beautiful patterns into its design therefore you can incorporate traditional fabrics and designs into the room. These fabrics include plaids and stripes that accentuate the colors in the room.

Kitchen renovations can be rather expensive when it comes to replacing all of the appliances in addition to the flooring and countertops. While this particular remodel may require a rather big budget, there are ways to improve your kitchen without the hefty bill. On way to do this is by updating the kitchen cabinet hardware. By simply updating the cabinet pulls and hardware you can make your cabinets look brand new. If your kitchen cabinets are currently in good condition you can get a new look by refinishing the cabinet itself and adding new cabinet handles.

When updating the kitchen hardware, you can also incorporate the French country theme. Home hardware comes in many different styles and finishes to choose from that there is sure to be a style that fits with this particular type of theme. French country cabinet handles tend to have a rustic and antique feel to them.

Airport Car Rentals

If you’re renting a car, then airport car rentals are not always seen as the way of getting the best deal. However, there are many ways that you can make the most of these rental services and get a car rental deal that suits you and your situation. Sometimes, airport car rentals are cheaper than renting a car from another dealership.

When it comes to renting at the airport you should realize that the bigger the airport is, the greater your choice of vehicles will be. The good news is that most large airports will have major rental companies available for convenient pickup of your rental car. If you want to get the best rates then don’t wait until you arrive but book ahead instead. You might even find discounts if you are renting for a long period of time.

The main advantage to using airport rental services is that they are the most convenient option available. This means you won’t have to worry about traveling to collect your car, as it will be there on the airport grounds ready for you to pick up. It can also save you on those very costly taxi fees that are often incurred when leaving the airport.

Airport car rentals ensure that you get yourself and your luggage away from the airport quickly and easily after a long flight. They don’t always need to be expensive, just do your research and book ahead if at all possible. That way, you can have convenience as well as a great price!