Add Some French Country Style With Cabinet Hardware

Decorating themes are becoming more and more popular when it comes home remodeling and kitchen design. Interior design is an art form and many homeowners pride themselves in coming up with themes and creations that are unique to their home. Some themes include Asian inspired living rooms or Tuscan inspired wine cellars. Each theme has their own decorative element that gives of a certain feel and culture.

One theme that can be easily incorporated throughout the house is the French country theme. This particular type of style and theme is perfect when it comes to a kitchen remodel because of the rustic and antique feel it brings to any room. One way to incorporate this theme is by updating the kitchen countertops and the kitchen flooring. To get the rustic and old-world look you can go with brick or clay flooring. While brick may seem like an odd type of flooring, especially when it is installed inside in a kitchen, this particular flooring gives off the old-world feeling.

Another way to incorporate the French country theme is by the colors that you choose to paint the walls and accessorize the room. Bright yellows, cobalt blues and oceanic tones are the perfect way to accentuate a French country kitchen. By using these colors and incorporating golds and greens you can give a kitchen the perfect feel and touch to give off the French country feel. In addition to paint colors you can incorporate the theme by creating motifs on the walls. French country motifs typically incorporate roosters, olives, sunflowers and grapes. These particular design elements are perfect for the kitchen.

When you choose to go with the French country style that does not mean that you cannot incorporate other styles and themes in order to get the look that you are going for. This particular style likes to incorporate eccentric styles and beautiful patterns into its design therefore you can incorporate traditional fabrics and designs into the room. These fabrics include plaids and stripes that accentuate the colors in the room.

Kitchen renovations can be rather expensive when it comes to replacing all of the appliances in addition to the flooring and countertops. While this particular remodel may require a rather big budget, there are ways to improve your kitchen without the hefty bill. On way to do this is by updating the kitchen cabinet hardware. By simply updating the cabinet pulls and hardware you can make your cabinets look brand new. If your kitchen cabinets are currently in good condition you can get a new look by refinishing the cabinet itself and adding new cabinet handles.

When updating the kitchen hardware, you can also incorporate the French country theme. Home hardware comes in many different styles and finishes to choose from that there is sure to be a style that fits with this particular type of theme. French country cabinet handles tend to have a rustic and antique feel to them.