Shabby Chic Accessories – 3 Great Examples of Cheap Shabby Chic For Less Than 25 Pounds

Shabby chic accessories can transform any home into an ornate but simple, casual but elegant, beautiful but cosy, warm and inviting environment. To get the desired look think floral fabrics and combinations of stripes and checks in soft delicate colours. It often works well to try to have a repeating colour theme in every fabric, this could be an off-white colour, a muted green, soft blue, faded grey or even pastel pink. These type of accessories do not have to be expensive, creating the look with the right accessories will enable you to achieve cheap shabby chic perfection.

If you are willing to invest some time hunting for treasures, you will be surprised where you could find beautiful shabby chic accessories. You could start close to home, look in your loft, cellar or garage, or that of your mother or grandmother. Alternatively you could try markets or boot sales, or even charity shops or antique fairs. Worn rugs and vintage bedspreads or quilts will work well, and interesting vases or old trunks will also fit in wonderfully in your home. Old Chintzy curtains and huge comfy cushions, will add to the cosiness and romance as will decorative candle holders, lanterns, chandeliers, candles, and sconces.

For those of you that do not have the time or the inclination to search through lofts, cellars, garages and market stalls, it is now easy to find places that sell shabby chic accessories that have been made to recreate that old, worn, distressed look.

Below are three great examples of cheap shabby chic accessories for less than 25 Pounds.

Photo Frames

One easy way of adding this style to your home is with photo frames. There are a wonderful variety of frames available that feature some aspect of the genre, such as beautiful white wooden antique style photo frames or Rococo style frames with a distressed paint finish. This type of photo frame will look great hanging in any room of the house, or you could buy two or more to arrange on the mantelpiece.


Nothing says shabby chic, like a French style clock. Huge French station clocks are a particular favourite amongst shabby followers, but with the larger size tends to come the larger price tag. It is just as easy to get your hands on a cheap mantle clock that you can nestle in amongst those beautiful photo frames. Again you can get these in a variety of styles and white wooden, rose adorned pieces with a delicate face and ornate hands will set off your preferred style to perfection.

Vintage Style Signs

Another of the must have shabby chic accessories is the vintage style sign. Strategically placed around the house, these enhance your sought after look and can be informative such as “Gone to the Beach”, inspirational such as “Live Every Moment – Laugh Every Day – Love Beyond Words” or just a simple statement such as “Love”. These kind of signs look great when they are made from reclaimed, weathered wood that is painted and gently distressed. Whatever you want to say you can create a stylish cheap shabby chic way to say it.

Your journey will no doubt evolve as you become more confident, and you can experiment, try things out and most importantly have fun. Ignore the usual decorating boundaries, find things that you love and make them work for you. It is often said that it is the little things that transform a house into a home and these accessories will transform your home into a romantic, elegant, cosy environment for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

Tips on Buying a Cheap Motorcycle Helmet

Congratulations! As a proud new motorcycle owner, you’re undoubtedly itching to hit the road on your sleek set of wheels. Riding your bike down scenic byways or city freeways is an exhilarating experience–but as all riders know, motorcycling comes with plenty of risks. Motorcycles can be hard for automobile drivers to see, and in the event of an accident, a motorcyclist doesn’t have the benefit of thousands of pounds of steel protecting him (or her) from the impact. The best way to reduce the risk of serious injury or death is by wearing a helmet.

After buying a new bike, many riders are chagrined to find that a standard helmet purchased from a dealer can set them back an additional several hundred dollars. Many higher-end models can easily approach $800 to $900 or more. Fortunately, a helmet’s safety and quality doesn’t necessarily go up with the price; cheap helmets can also provide ample protection. Basic helmets can be found for around $100, and it’s very possible to get full protection from one of these less expensive models.

The most important thing to look for when shopping for a helmet is certification from either the DOT (Department of Transportation) or the Snell Foundation. These organizations certify helmets based on their ability to absorb the force of an impact and other stringent safety criteria. Their standards are similar and an approval from either one will ensure that you’re getting a quality helmet.

Whether you’re looking at cheap helmets or the pricier versions, be sure that the one you select fits you properly. Even the best helmet won’t be able to protect you if it falls off your head during a collision. A simple test is to fasten it properly and then push up firmly on the back. If you’re able to get it off, it’s not a good fit.

While it may be tempting to pick up a second-hand helmet from a yard sale or a thrift store, don’t–even if it’s certified. The typical lifespan of a helmet is about five years, as the protective foam material inside degrades fairly rapidly. If you’re using one older than that, it may not be as effective. Similarly, a helmet that has been involved in an accident, even a minor one, has been permanently altered even if there is no visible damage. If you’re considering buying a used helmet, you’ll want to be certain you know everything about its history.

Wherever you purchase your helmet, making sure it’s a certified, properly-fitting, and recent model will give you the best chance at a safe and enjoyable motorcycling future.